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Unveiling the Hidden Depths of Flavor - Where Seawater Meets Luxury Craftsmanship in Every Bottle."

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If you’re looking for a gin that’s both unique and high-quality, look no further than Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin. Made with purified north-seawater and ten unique botanicals, this gin is both soft and flavorful.

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Our story

Hermit Gin was born out of a passion for creating unique and high-quality gin. The idea for Hermit Gin originated from the use of pure purified seawater from the Oosterschelde National Park. This resulted in a gin with a refreshing salty character that sets it apart from other gins in the market.

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Hermit serves

Experience our perfect serve: Hermit Gin, Mediterranean tonic, lots of ice, grapefruit, and samphire. A harmonious blend of coastal essence, citrus zest, and crisp botanicals, elevating your favorite gin journey to new, refreshing heights.

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Discover the art of mixing with Hermit Gin and delicious refreshing cocktails

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