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The history between the Netherlands and the sea is a long and storied one that stretches back centuries. The Dutch have always had a close relationship with the sea, both as a means of survival and as a source of wealth and prosperity

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From reclaiming land to becoming a major global trading power, the Dutch mastery over the sea has shaped their history. However, devastatiing floods have also reminded them of the sea's destructive power.

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Today, the Netherlands remains a world leader in water management and engineering. This historical and contemporary relationship with the sea has been encapsulated in 'Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin', a gentle and soft gin with surprising citrus aroma's, reflecting the unique connection between the Netherlands and the sea.

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin draws inspiration from the dynamic coastal landscapes in the surroundings of our beloved city. Through our innovative techniques and bold experimentation, we strive to deliver an extraordinary gin experiience that sparks curiosity and igniites the imagination.

We understand the importance of cradfting a brand that resonates with young and the young at heart, inviting them to embark on a extraordinary journey of taste and discovery.

Dicover the world of Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin - a spirited invitation to embrace the unknown and ignite your sense of adventure

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