Hermit Gin enters Japan's on-trade

Hermit Gin enters Japan's on-trade

Hermit Gin successfully secures a prestigious placement in Tokyo's renowned Okura Hotel, marking its entrance into the Japanese market. The distinguished Dutch gin, celebrated for its coastal allure, strategically establishes itself in the heart of Tokyo, with plans for expansive growth into neighboring regions.

Having established connections in nine key areas across Japan, the brand strategically begins its journey in Tokyo, with a significant milestone being its exclusive placement at the iconic Okura Hotel. This move is a testament to Hermit Gin's commitment to seamlessly integrating into Japanese hospitality culture, offering a premium experience for enthusiasts of fine gin.

The co-founders of Hermit Gin express their excitement about this pivotal moment, noting, "Japan's thriving gin and cocktail culture, coupled with the growing interest in premium spirits, positions it as an ideal market for Hermit Gin."

"The opportunity to introduce Hermit Gin to the Japanese community is more than just a business venture; it's a heartfelt entry that underscores our mission: transforming Hermit Gin into a premium global brand."

As the narrative of Hermit Gin unfolds in Japan, each bottle not only delivers a delightful taste of coastal charm but also symbolizes a celebration of craftsmanship and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Crafted with purified North Sea water and 10 natural botanicals, Hermit Gin stands as a testament to exquisite quality and a dedication to leaving a lasting impression.
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