Exclusive Interview on Hermit Gin’s Launch in Japan

Exclusive Interview on Hermit Gin’s Launch in Japan

A milestone in Hermit Gin’s global expansion is its exclusive placement at the prestigious Okura Hotel and the long-established department store Isetan, established in 1886. These are high-end places where drinkers long to tasteHermit. This move states the brand's journey to becoming a part of Japanese hospitality, promising a top-notch experience for gin enthusiasts.

This exciting partnership traces back to 2018 when Max Kawamoto, founder of GOTOBAR (importer and partner atthe Okra and Isetan), stumbled upon Hermit Gin during his European travels. The Hermit perfectly fit Max’s ambition to introduce shell-eating into Japanese culture.

"During a laid-back moment at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, I saw an impressive ad for Hermit Gin. The drink promised a taste of the sea and intrigued me with its unique blend."

Max highlights the mission of GOTOBAR to introduce diverse cultures into Japan, especially with the idea to bring theshell-eating culture into Japan. "Just mussels or shellfish weren’t enough. We needed more to complement it andintroduce it as an experience instead of just food. Hermit Gin and their mission in global expansion fit perfectly into my plans."

For Hermit Gin, the partnership wasn’t just a chance to get featured in the Japanese market: it was a chance to establish within the Asian culture. Crafted using purified North Sea water and ten natural botanicals, including theHermit featuring Hermit’s Gin logo and brand, makes it a perfect Gin to complement the establishment of an increasing shell-eating trend in Japan.

In it’s goal to expand globally, these placements are incredibly value for Hermit Gin to enter Japan and expand further in Asia.

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