Hermit Gin

armed with oysters, a knife and a bottle of gin

Don Ostra

mingles among the guests offering them mouthwatering delicacies with a twist.

Don Ostra guarantees personally selected, fresh and delicious Seafarm oysters.
Upon opening, each oyster is tested for quality and served to the guests
natural or with a drop of Hermit gin for a surprising touch.

Unrivalled taste

How it all started

Don Ostra has entered into a partnership with Seafarm oysters and Hermit Dutch Coastal gin. Because of this, Don Ostra is assured of fresh oysters selected by himself and a wonderful added taste experience of Hermit Dutch Coastal gin.

Unrivalled taste

What we offer

Fresh and vibrant, with a touch of saltiness.

Hermit Gin

A small-batch pot-distilled gin with all-natural botanicals, handcrafted in the Netherlands. A variety of citrus peels add a lovely freshness. Juniper and coriander seeds give it its distinctive gin flavour. We use as many as eight botanicals for extra depth and complexity plus a drop of  Oosterschelde saline water from a 70 meter deep well for a surprising saline finish.

The result is the only Dutch Coastal Gin.

Pure salt spring water of a 70 meters depth well


Seafarm Oysters are being diluted in oyster pits at the Seafarm in Kamperland behind the Oosterschelde barrier with pure salt spring water of 70 meters depth at an average temperature of 2 degrees celcius, which guarantees a consistent quality of the oysters in the summer as well.

A pairing that will never be forgotten

Don Ostra

Don Ostra brings these worlds together, he / she offers your guests a Seafarm oyster, preferably in its pure form so that the oyster tastes quality can do its work after which a shot of Hermit Coastal gin is poured into the oyster shell.
After drinking the gin after the oyster, a smile is guaranteed 99%, a pairing that will never be forgotten.

Don Ostra performs his / her work in a discreetly stylish way. We do not like us as Breton water sportsmen or as girls with printed lips and high heels with weird hats and do not claim to be the entertainers of the evening.
Don Ostra stands for quality, craftsmanship, fun and enjoyment.